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    Keep you house or business premises (even vehicles parked outside) under surveillance with our great CCTV and smart intruder alarm solutions.

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    NDAA compliant CCTV kits from VIPER!

    Want CCTV but are concerned about how secure the equipment is? Our Viper range is manufactured using components and technology approved by the US government National Defence Authorisation Act.

    We offer a range of kits featuring the options of 2mp, 4mp full colour, 5mp and 4k Ultra HD cameras. You can also opt for Smart Motion Detection, where the cameras can detect humans and vehicles against other forms of activity, minimising false triggers.


    Our 2 camera 2mp kit starts at just £309 including VAT with a choice of white or grey cameras. installation extra - free quotations available.

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    Dahua based CCTV systems

    The majority of our CCTV installations are based around technology from top security manufacturers DAHUA. SPRO and Cortex branded cameras are also used as also they also originate from them.

    Our systems offer cutting edge technology at very competitive prices. We now have cameras that feature Smart Motion Detection, which can more accurately detect Humans and Vehicles against other forms of movement, as well as Auto Tracking PTZ cameras which detect, zoom in and follow any activity!


    We offer simple single camera systems with built in SD storage, to full systems with a digital recorder capable of monitoring any number of cameras from 1 up to 128!


    We provide a full design and installation service. Free site surveys available. To get advice and pricing on an appropriate system to suit your individual needs then please contact us today on 01728 745745, via our live chat here, or fill out our contact form and we'll get back in touch with you.

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    Colournight 2.0 - the CCTV camera which is also security light!

    These state of the art cameras have their own built in 'smart' white LED light which can switch on automatically at night when motion is detected and provide full colour recording of athe associated activity.

    You can change the behaviour of the light to be on at dusk and off at dawn, permanently on, or permanently off if required. These cameras also have built in infra red lighting for standard night viewing.


    Our latest model now also features 2-way talk, meaning if you see someone on your camera view you can hear them and talk back at them via the camera viewing app on your mobile device. This feature is exclusive to the SPRO version of this camera!

    What is 'Smart dual Illumination'?

    This short video explains the benefits of these fantastic CCTV cameras...

    How Smart Motion Detection and Active Deterrence CCTV works

    As well as being able to identify vehicles and humans (Smart Motion Dectection), some of our cameras are also able to give out a warning sound and some even have flashing lights to warn intruders off. This short video explains how this all works...

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    'Smart' wireless security alarm systems

    Our 'smart' Wireless alarm systems are an easy retro-fit into any home and are as able and secure as a fully wired installation!

    Our professional grade smart alarm systems features completely wire free detectors and sensors. A wide range of detector options are available - motion, door contacts, glass break, smoke (and optionally Carbon Monoxide) and water leakage!


    They connect to the internet and are manageable via a simple and comprehensive phone app, or can be armed and disarmed by a key fob or control panel. Systems are suitable for all sizes of property and range can be extended if necessary.


    For more advice and a free demonstration please call us on 01728 745745 or fill out our contact form.