• Satellite TV

    We've been installing dishes since the launch of the Astra satellite in the late 80's,

    and from well before Sky was a household name!

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    No satellite signal on Sky TV or Freesat? No problem! We offer a fast response repair service to the local area. Same day service often available.

    Around 98% of the UK can receive TV from a satellite dish, making it the ideal choice for poorer terrestrial signal areas (and we're not short of those in Suffolk!). Freesat is free to view UK digital TV from a dish and now provides virtually all the same channels as Freeview!


    New dishes installed for Freesat and Sky Q, and dishes which can deliver both simultaneously (if you have Sky Q in one room and Freesat in others).


    Purchased a new build home with satellite socket in the lounge? We can install a dish discretely on your new home which we can connect to this from your loft (Sky's own engineers are apparently not allowed to do this meaning a lower level dish outside, visible external cabling and a hole drilled in your lounge wall!).

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    We supply and install official FREESAT digital set top boxes and recorders

    This is the Manhattan SX high definition Freesat receiver...

    Stock photo of TV and Apple TV remote

    These are the Freesat 4K range of high definition digital set top box and 500gb, 1tb and 2tb recorders