• WiFi, Data Cabling and Internet

    Are you suffering with poor or no internet around your home? Whether your connections are via cabled data sockets or through WiFi then we can help!


    Ask about our MESH WiFi extender kits, which are an extremely reliable way of getting rid of the signal 'dead zones' in your house without running extra cables.

    Unlike 'homeplug' internet extender systems, which connect through your electrical ring circuits, Mesh units connect completely wirelessly avoiding interference problems and running at the best speed possible.

    Mesh WiFi - TP-Link Deco and Tenda Nova

    ADSL and Superfast Fibre Broadband

    We can help troubleshoot internet connection issues with most current types of home and business broadband.


    Additionally we can assist with improving WiFi signal coverage around homes and business premises.



    Mesh WiFi - TP-Link Deco and Tenda Nova

    Extending WiFi to Outbuildings

    Need to share your internet to a garden office or holiday let? Our wireless building-building link systems offer a reliable means of doing so without the need to dig trenches and run in long cables. For longer distance links, with no line of sight, we offer fibre optic solutions.



    Mesh WiFi - TP-Link Deco and Tenda Nova

    **NEW** Triax TEoC Gigakit

    Distribute internet via your existing TV aerial sockets!

    Create a gigabit (1Gbps) network from your existing TV aerial distribution wiring in your house! The Triax TEoC system provides a very robust and reliable means of achieving this and works over very long cable runs too! Now available - please contact us for more information.

    Mesh WiFi - TP-Link Deco and Tenda Nova

    Hospitality WiFi

    We provide planning and installation of WiFi internet solutions for holiday cottages, lodges and even complete caravan or lodge sites. Our systems are based on the industry leading Ubiquiti range of data distribution products as well as TP-Link Omada and Ruijie.

  • Remote Access

    If we require you to allow us to remote access to your pc, please click the button below: