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WIRELESS WiFi Doorbells now available

See and speak to callers at your front door, EVEN when you're out! No wiring needed...

WiFi Doorbells

This is a type of product that we've noticed the Police recommending more and more for vulnerable people, where a quick security fix is needed. Also, for some, it is too tricky or expensive to have a full CCTV system installed.

This is a self contained product with it's own internal rechargeable battery, which runs for up to 6 months on a charge! All it needs is a WiFi signal and then you can connect your Android or Apple device to it via the free dedicated app. Once set up you receive an alert on your device whenever the door bell is pressed, showing you who is at the door - you can then press an answer button and speak to the visitor, or the red 'hang up' button and just answer the door. The built in 2-way intercom is very handy if you are home but indisposed, or if you are not in and want to talk to your visitor.

The device also acts as a self contained CCTV camera and, with an optional SD memory chip fitted, your device can record video clips which you can play back via your app.

There is also an optional indoor sounder available so you can hear the doorbell even without using the app.

For more information, please call Chris on 01728 745745 or send us a message via our contact us page.